We bring clarity to the cybersecurity world.

Our Mission

OverSOC’s disruptive cybersecurity technology provides operational threat intelligence through extended detection and response software integrated with existing enterprise cybersecurity tools.

Our solution is built on the latest technologies and advanced data visualization techniques to provide a real-time comprehensive vision of cybersecurity risks that everyone can understand.

We believe in enabling everyone to become actors of their own safety.

About Us

OverSOC was founded in 2020 through the Alacrity France startup program and is now proudly a part of the Wesley Clover ecosystem which has successfully brought to life over 140 startups and generated over $3.5 billion in public returns.

We turned one in July 2021 and have already raised over $1.3 million from a wide range of public and private investors who believe in our purpose. Furthermore, we have won over $450,000 of grants and innovation awards from the largest French public investment bank (BPI) and continue to take the cyberspace by storm.

We're ready to take cybersecurity to the next level.