A future where cybersecurity is accessible, clear and visual as we all imagined it.

What we stand for.

Equipe Oversoc

Empowering companies with full control on their data

Some organizations lose sight of how their data is handled in their cyber operations, and we want to change that. That's why we focus on integrating the most commonly used security tools into our software. We also offer full data portability, so you remain in control of your system.

Bringing a new and so far only dreamed vision of cybersecurity

Oversoc was born out of the need for a clearer, stronger cybersecurity. We want to bring life to a representation of information systems that one would only encounter in science fiction.

A clear, comprehensive, synchronized and collaborative interface that transforms the technical and clashing subject of cybersecurity into a comprehensible strategic subject.

In order to make critical information readable, we have developed a technology that can replace spreadsheets for good.

Une femme RSSI regarde une cartographie de son système d'information grâce à Oversoc sur un écran d'ordinateur

Increasing the value of cyber professions

We are working to ensure that the technical work of corporate cybersecurity managers can be understood and supported by all their employees. To make this same work more enjoyable, less tiring. We believe that providing a satisfying work environment for employees is critical for them to continue to give the best of themselves at your side.

By bringing a clearer vision of the technical side of cybersecurity, we aim to elevate the recognition of the operational staff's work.

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