The French CAASM solution to map your cyber attack surface

Loud and Clear.

Discover the hidden assets in your information system and ensure their compliance. Save time prioritizing vulnerabilities and maximize your operational resources by focusing on data exploitation rather than aggregation and correlation.

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From a chaotic list to a clean map

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Features to bolster your cyber posture

Visualization of defined perimeters of cyber assets with contextual informations by OverSOC, french CAASM solution

Identify your cyber attack surface area

From a single three-dimensional interface, detect and visualize all your critical assets.
Split your system into perimeters and quickly access the data you need using powerful and highly customizable filters.

Enable your team with a collaborative map that is fast and compatible with your tools.

Prioritize your vulnerabilities

Integrate your detection tools smoothly to switch to the vulnerability view in a single click. Save time from your daily vulnerability assessment and monitoring routine thanks to the vulnerability prioritizing system.

Keep your energy for critical operations.

Visualization of the priorization of cyber vulnerabilities with contextual informations by OverSOC, french CAASM solution
OverSOC's interface in vulnerability view

Ensure proper deployment of your defense line

Integrate your EDR tool in the same fashion to switch to the defense view. There, you can see if your EDR is deployed properly and on the correct assets.

Harmonize your compliance, save time.

OverSOC integrates effortlessly into your cyber stack

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