MSP / MSSP Partner Program

Enable your clients to concentrate on their priorities and harness the potential of CAASM for your company.

Why become an OverSOC Partner ?

Easy to deploy

You can immediately deploy the OverSOC software within your clients' IT environment, ensuring full visibility of their asset inventory and corresponding vulnerabilities.

Tailored to your needs

As OverSOC is a CAASM cybersecurity software highly customizable, we can create a solution tailored specifically to your end-clients' needs.

Increase your revenues

Profitability is key to growth and success in the IT industry. The MSP / MSSP Partner Program helps becoming more profitable, boost your client retention rate and increase your recurring revenue.

What our Partner Program brings to your business

Deploy a comprehensive vulnerability assessment service to your clients. We collaborate closely with our partners to foster our shared success and provide them with a comprehensive partner program. Our goal is to support and empower our partners at every stage of their journey, whether it's for introducing or reselling the OverSOC software, starting from the partner onboarding process and extending throughout the duration of their end-client engagements.

Why OverSOC ?


Gain visibility into your data lake by identifying assets and vulnerabilities on your Information System.


Gather your teams around a unique medium of collaboration and cooperation to enable efficient workflows.


Manage the asset visibility and solve vulnerability challenges by eliminating blind spots and providing security teams with the means to achieve near real-time cyber security and risk management proactively.

They already trust us

To ensure you get the most out of leading technologies, we've established strategic partnerships with major innovative software companies that can address your key issues.

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